Dave Marsden

Dave Marsden

PGA Professional
Sports Mind Coach &
NLP Trainer

My name is Dave Marsden & I joined the Professional Golfers Association when I was 17 years of age. During my 30-year career I have enjoyed a fabulous golfing journey both playing and coaching. I have won several PGA tournaments, shot course records and coached many players including England, County, Professional and even Ryder cup stars of the future. I also enjoy coaching beginners and golfers with learning disabilities. I am simply here to help you with your golf and I am fascinated how people learn, in essence I want to pass on my golfing knowledge to clients who wish to improve. Knowing how the golfing mind works is very important during coaching and whilst learning. I have studied this subject in depth for many years and have an extensive knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming having held my own personal development workshops on the subject. Understanding individual learning styles and having the skills to apply a sound technical golfing knowledge is at the heart of my coaching approach.



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